Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beautiful Weekend...

After a particularly trying week, this weekend has been great. I got to play with Josie in the outdoor arena this morning, which was so great! The footing was great, the sun was out....couldn't have asked for much more.

After our unexpected blow up earlier in the outdoor earlier this week (see previous post), I made sure to use approach and retreat to enter the arena! I actually started out in the grass yard just grooming her. She really wanted to be groomed today! She kept positioning parts of her body towards me, especially when I got distracted talking to Kari and stopped currying! She would wriggle closer to me, asking to be groomed again. Very funny!

We eventually entered the outdoor arena. She had mild apprehension going in there at first, but I let her come in and out of the gate until she was comfortable staying in the arena. She did notice the cows today, but had a much quieter response to them today. The fire breathing monster did not rear its ugly head again!

She had good impulsion today, which of course comes with being outside. She gave me some really great figure eights today. That's about it for today. We are slowly making progress with the patterns. I can't wait for trail riding season!!!!!

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